Media Intellect

Media Intellect (MI) is an independent media management consultancy established to advise clients on recruitment media issues. We look to evaluate, benchmark and monitor the advertiser’s media investments.

As media becomes more complex, so too does it need to become more accountable. Advertisers are increasingly recognising the need for independent support, advice and scrutiny of the type provided by MI.

Historically, media auditing was the only independent tool used to address these needs, but smarter clients are now turning to more wide-ranging media management programmes as their preferred solution.

MI delivers effective media management programmes tailor-made for marketing directors, finance and procurement professionals within large domestic and multinational advertisers. Most of our assignments are conducted under strict NDA’s, with the goal of tracking, auditing and delivering results that add significantly to the client’s bottom line.

The result? At worst, more clarity, more accountability and the ability to set higher standards. At best, greater efficiency and more effectiveness from your current media investments; ultimately leading to significant financial savings and to smoother, more efficient operations.