Business Services

Track – Analyse – Deliver

Recruitment advertising agencies are under constant pressure from their clients (advertisers) to deliver improved results for less cost. This impacts on staff and systems development, and the temptation to compromise standards to reconcile client demands with profitability is never far away. Additionally, the trend towards agency group consolidation also brings its own problems and pressures, particularly in areas like account conflict and client data security.

Media Intellect (MI) is setting standards for the industry. We know the agency field from direct involvement and experience, and we offer services to agencies to help them meet their client obligations, whilst still improving business performance. (We will never, however undertake projects for agencies which could compromise our primary obligations to advertisers). Our services in this area include :

Management and Staff Development

MI works at all levels within both client and agency organisations. We understand that clients operate across every business sector, and that for those clients to get the best service from their agencies, they must know how to manage them. Conversely, as service providers, agencies must know how best to respond proactively and reactively to their clients’ needs in order to produce the best work.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) advice

MI has experience of working closely with most of the leading (as opposed to just the largest) companies across the recruitment communications channel. This allows us to develop unique insights into both established services and evolving trends, across a broad spectrum of communications businesses. This breadth of experience gives us an unparalleled ability to match purchasers with vendors and vice versa.

Confidentiality Assessments

MI evaluates agencies’ provisions for protecting privileged client information. Through the use of on-line self-completion questionnaires and physical site visits and interviews, RMM comprehensively evaluates every aspect of the agency’s operations to determine where potential confidential information leakages or compromises could occur.