Consultancy Services

Track – Analyse – Deliver

These services principally cover the area of advertisers’ selection of, and relations with, their media agencies. They deal with the establishment of professional and commercial standards and the incentivisation of agencies to deliver their best work on the client’s account. Media Intellects’s (MI)  services in this area comprise:

Media agency selection and ‘pitch management’

Media Intellect has managed media-related agency pitches for recruitment communications. We are experienced in helping clients find the best solutions for their requirements, i.e. the right partnership and the right deal. We are happy to either work with your procurement team, adding the market knowledge they may lack, or with the key person responsible for making the selection. As no client is the same, we have developed a number of different templates to help remove emotion and aid in selecting the best agency in relation to a client’s defined needs.

Contracts and fees

The benefit of Media Intellect’s involvement in contract negotiations can take the form of savings to client. However, the real benefit derives from helping to achieve a win-win deal, whereby the media agency is motivated and the client feels he/she is getting value for money.

Performance-Related Incentive Programmes (PRIPs)

Well-devised and well-run PRIP schemes are motivating for both the media agency and the client. Indeed the maximum payout under a PRIP scheme should be seen as a great success for both parties. Media Intellect has set up and managed such schemes for a number of major advertisers. Clients benefit from ‘SMART’ objectives and certified delivery against them, agencies benefit from clear priorities and opportunities to earn profitable revenues.

Best practice and training models

One size rarely fits all, because every client has its own culture. Media Intellect draws on its experiences of working with many of the world’s leading client organisations. This experience gives Media Intellect privileged access to the best practices, systems and solutions in the industry. While we would never abuse privileged information, this ‘finger on the pulse’ enables us to offer a perspective on best practice across industry sectors.