Evaluation Services

Track – Analyse – Deliver

Recruitment spend on media is one of the largest out-sourced investments by an organisation, yet few recruiters have sufficient, if any, internal expertise to evaluate it. Media Intellect (MI) recognises that accountability is becoming more evident in every area of significant spending. MI’s advertiser-focused services are designed to deliver reliable, quantifiable read-outs of media performance. Our evaluation services fall into 2 areas:

Media auditing

Auditing is an advertiser’s ‘rear-view mirror’ on past activity. It evaluates media buys against objectives, targets, the market and other relevant Key media Performance Indicators (KmPI’s).

Cost/quality benchmarking

Whereas auditing looks backwards at past activities, benchmarking provides a forward-looking, pro-active framework for arriving at an optimal set of future objectives, both qualitative and quantitative, and gaining assurance that those objectives will be achieved cost-efficiently.